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HEY FELLOW SPIDERMAN FANS! Or other superhero fans... Hey! This game puts you into a situation where YOU, yes, YOU can fly around and be a bouncy little spider boy/girl! This demo was super fun and cannot wait for the full release!

Is the one that is x64 the full version or is it just the demo??

This is just the demo.


Looking quite nice so far. The gameplay felt smooth and the visuals were well-executed. Right as I felt I was getting in to it, the game abruptly ended. Pretty odd choice for a spot to end the demo on. Other than that, it's looking great so far. Made a short video of my time spent on it. Interested to see how it turns out on release!

I just wanna say thank you so much for making  a  awesome game i can not wait for the full release . 

I never thought a parkour game could be so soothing.

Played this Demo a few days ago and was so surprised by the quality of it. Amazing game, can't wait to see where it goes and how the story will develop.

I had quite a bit of joking fun with this game, despite my fear of heights which for some reason oddly transfers into games as I get a sinking feeling every time I fall and fail. Looking forward to seeing the full release! 

This was very fun haha

Looks like ASAMU. I love it. Well done!

Welp, I am totally going to be buying this game if it get realised on steam or a different platform. Man is it a grat and fantastic game! 

Wow very nice little game! Beautiful and it's fun to just jump around and fly through the air. For just a beta version of the game it's pretty good, can't wait to see what else you can do with this game. Little things you could do is work on the animations a little, like the running and characters but that's all really. Either way really nice game so far! If you're wanting to have a little fun running and grappling through the air why not give the game a try!

Quel sentiment de liberté j'ai eu en jouant! Regardez-moi m'envoler.

This game is the best I've played in 2018. 

Absolutly amazing game! Cannot wait for the full release! 


ABSOLUTELY going to recommend this to everyone!


this game is fantasticly good. the voice actor is not that great but the mechanic and the puzzle took me sometime to finish!


This Is AMAZING! Will Be Making A Vid About It Soon //


Amazing game play! I am definitly buying this when it comes out. Mark you calenders because this game looks amazing! The gameplay was so fluid, responsive and intitutive! I can't wait to play the full game! =)


Gave it a go...


A lot of fun! Games with an emphasis on momentum are always a treat. Can't wait to see the finished product.

I really enjoyed the demo. Will the full version be available on as well ?

not currently planned, sorry :3


can’t wait for this game! Far sky are a awesome game devs. If you like games like cluster truck then you will love this!


This game is amazing.  I love the fact you can basically fly through the air using the grapple and scenery is so beautiful.  I can’t wait to play the full game once it’s released! ‪


I can't wait for the full release of this game.. i'm assuming it will cost money, but i'm more than willing to pay when it comes out :D 

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Loved the demo I'm excited for the full release!!




This game looked Great cant wait for full release

great demo liked it a lot the graphics look amazing and story is very interesting. like how you use voice actors instead of just text that made the game ten time more great cant wait for more!!


Made a video


please make this game free like the games name


amazing. I love this demo and idea. I think this has potential to become a huge game. I think the graphics are wonderful, the look and style are unique. I’m excited for this game. I do however wish to state that the waypoints or mission locators could use some work. It is hard to know what the game wants you to do or where to head for your mission or quest if you will. Other than that. I’m liking where this is headed and I cannot wait for the game to be released. 


First off, a comparison I'm sure you have gotten/will get quite a bit, this reminded me a lot of A Story About My Uncle, which I loved. The movement system you've constructed and showcased so far is fantastic and I look forward to seeing it used in more situations than static platforming, but I also really hope the full game builds on the mechanics a bit more as I can see the triple hook getting a bit stale if it's used in the same ways for the whole game, I talk quite a bit about a static swinging version as a possibility, no clue if that's something you've already implemented or plan on, but release date is close so I'm not sure how much more can be done.

My two real complaints are the waypoint system and the consistency of the VO quality. The canary is brilliant, but, from what I could tell, the waypoint only shows up when the canary is already within view distance making it a bit redundant, but the canary can also be hard to spot from a distance making it hard to find in the first place. I'm thinking the waypoint should be active when you're farther away to give a general sense of direction and disappear when you can almost see the canary. But I could be wrong in what I remember seeing of the point.

The VO quality makes me think there was some freelance voice work done on the project and the difference in quality between the player character and Lana is pretty jarring. I talked a bit about adding some in-world reason to make her voice a bit distorted, the radios are a perfect way to do so, though those sounded identical to when she spoke directly to us. Some sort of mask on the character or static and distortion on the radio would go a long way to making the different quality audio mesh well into the same world.

Looking forward to the full release, hope you find the feedback valid and useful!


Amazing graphics and game. I wonder how popular this would get. This game is so inspirtational. Makes me think of making a game like this. Thank you for this great game!


An unbelievable experience what people can do to escape from everyday things. Especially when this thing is slavery. Very clever way of moving around without 'purposely put points' to attach onto and instead using branches or ruined bridges. The birds perfectly match with the aim of the adventure because they remind you of being free and ability to move around freely which is also making everything sorrowfull with the lack of it.


This game was unbelievable. I can say without a doubt this is going to be the most popular indie game which remains outside of the Triple A title. Developers, I cannot express enough how much you brought me back to my first real computer game. This game has emotion and genuine appeal which I found both satisfying and fantastically mystic. I want to see this game in full release. I want to play the game from beginning to end because there was such a rush in this Beta alone. The music was rustic and dramatic when I finally reached the Start Screen, However that happened around the midpoint. Despite if that was a bug, this game is so rewarding. I did not believe what I found in this game. This is truly incredible, nearly cinematic in the portrayal of both characters and environments. This was a very human experience which is rare across all gaming platforms. Even in the roots of this game the player is able to relate to the struggling lives of these people, as slaves who have escaped wretched tyranny. It is the century old struggle of fighting for freedom. This game is Cinematic and I could only hope to ever have a small part of what greatness will come from this game. Fantastic job, I can't wait to see more. 



So coooool ! :D