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Please someone tell me it's not scary


Is a hidden gem this game. It isn't scary at all.



It's a fantastic game that I had a lot of fun with. I really look forward to your futures projects, if you choose to continue making games!


Thank you for sharing this, I was so sad that i had forgotten to purchase the game before it was taken down. I really feel for your story, and I wish you the best in all your future endeavors. If you ever make any additional games, even under a different development studio, I would love to see them.

So long and thanks for all the fish!

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This is the original game. It is now free. I do not plan to update it. As the company is now over, I felt bad not to share it to everyone.

So... enjoy ! =D

Best would be to Open Source it, in that case.

Thanks for not let this game die. It's the best game i played. I love the mechanics and the story. It's a shame that it isn't for sale on steam, but thanks that you added here free! I hope you don't give up and in a future you continue doing games of any style because i think you're the best level designer and game designer. I like all in this game and that's not something easy to do.

Hi! Thank you so much for releasing both this and FarSky, I'd hate for these to be lost to time! Do you have any plans to release your other game, Skybreak, or maybe even Overbind? Thank you for your time!

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Thanks ;)
No plan to release Sky Break. It does not bring anything interesting for the video game industry (even though it was fun for some players) and it is personnaly full of bad memories.
Regarding Overbind, I would love to play it again, but I lost all the files.. sadly..