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I like the gameplay a lot please come out with the full version soon


I like the demo. Really cool graphics and the gameplay works very well. 


Too short demo, little history no appear to have interest. This gameplay mod is the same in the old nextuit FPS game (in some of the servers map) only de nextuit have more useful tool, you not only can launch and retract also can control the traction or not and used like liana like Tarzan ;).
Nice wild embiroment and actors, nice voice, if you put a good narrative tale, and better gameplay mod this will be a good game¡¡¡

a story about my uncle copy 

check the game out also im going to play this game


doesnt have much of a story, sort of over inspired by a story about my uncle. would still rather do butt stuff with my secretary 6/10

This game is cool! The entire game should be on Why isn't it?

HEY FELLOW SPIDERMAN FANS! Or other superhero fans... Hey! This game puts you into a situation where YOU, yes, YOU can fly around and be a bouncy little spider boy/girl! This demo was super fun and cannot wait for the full release!

Is the one that is x64 the full version or is it just the demo??

This is just the demo.


Looking quite nice so far. The gameplay felt smooth and the visuals were well-executed. Right as I felt I was getting in to it, the game abruptly ended. Pretty odd choice for a spot to end the demo on. Other than that, it's looking great so far. Made a short video of my time spent on it. Interested to see how it turns out on release!

I just wanna say thank you so much for making  a  awesome game i can not wait for the full release . 

I never thought a parkour game could be so soothing.

I had quite a bit of joking fun with this game, despite my fear of heights which for some reason oddly transfers into games as I get a sinking feeling every time I fall and fail. Looking forward to seeing the full release! 

This was very fun haha

Looks like ASAMU. I love it. Well done!

Welp, I am totally going to be buying this game if it get realised on steam or a different platform. Man is it a grat and fantastic game! 

Wow very nice little game! Beautiful and it's fun to just jump around and fly through the air. For just a beta version of the game it's pretty good, can't wait to see what else you can do with this game. Little things you could do is work on the animations a little, like the running and characters but that's all really. Either way really nice game so far! If you're wanting to have a little fun running and grappling through the air why not give the game a try!

Quel sentiment de liberté j'ai eu en jouant! Regardez-moi m'envoler.

This game is the best I've played in 2018. 

Absolutly amazing game! Cannot wait for the full release! 


ABSOLUTELY going to recommend this to everyone!


this game is fantasticly good. the voice actor is not that great but the mechanic and the puzzle took me sometime to finish!


This Is AMAZING! Will Be Making A Vid About It Soon //


Amazing game play! I am definitly buying this when it comes out. Mark you calenders because this game looks amazing! The gameplay was so fluid, responsive and intitutive! I can't wait to play the full game! =)


Gave it a go...


A lot of fun! Games with an emphasis on momentum are always a treat. Can't wait to see the finished product.

I really enjoyed the demo. Will the full version be available on as well ?

not currently planned, sorry :3


can’t wait for this game! Far sky are a awesome game devs. If you like games like cluster truck then you will love this!


This game is amazing.  I love the fact you can basically fly through the air using the grapple and scenery is so beautiful.  I can’t wait to play the full game once it’s released! ‪


I can't wait for the full release of this game.. i'm assuming it will cost money, but i'm more than willing to pay when it comes out :D 

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Loved the demo I'm excited for the full release!!




This game looked Great cant wait for full release

great demo liked it a lot the graphics look amazing and story is very interesting. like how you use voice actors instead of just text that made the game ten time more great cant wait for more!!

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